What is there to be seen between Nagoya and Tôkyô ? Not a lot, if you take the shinkansen (Japan’s high-speed train), as landscapes vanish so quickly. To discover it, I decided to walk instead, precisely to give landscapes enough time to appear and change quietly, at my walking pace. And I decided that this experience of loneliness and slowness would become a photographic experiment too. Between the two megacities, I walked most of the time along a dull and domesticated road, or alongside a sad coast cluttered with an infinity of breakwaters, went across towns resembling each other… To make a long story short, I travelled in a rather rough Japan, one that doesn’t really fit the common clichés of an archipelago « torn between tradition and modernity ».

My goal was to purify my body each day through these long hours of walking, to wash away from my view all the scraps of exotism that I could have instead accumulated by travelling in a more comfortable manner. It seems to me that, by travelling this way, the exotic attractivness of Japan weakens, leaving you more aware of simpler things.